Monday, June 25, 2012

Bedroom luxury

A freshly done bed is unquestionably one of the biggest everyday luxuries one can get. And all of the above shots bring out some of this essence (if we could smell through the screen I bet there would be a marseille soap scent in the air, too). So, how do you prefer your bed layout? Is it simple whites and pastel pure, bold mix and match of colors and patterns or elegant laces and satin silks? 

P.s. I like these organic cotton plus sheets for a more sleek look or this coastal stripy set.

Image credits:
1.Stacey Van Berkel, 2.Douglas Friedman,, 4.skona hem, 5.Lonny, 6.James Ransom


  1. Lindos esses quartos, gosto muito desse estilo romântico. Parabéns pelo bom gosto.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  2. Bedroom #1 please! Love the pastels hints against the fresh whites!

  3. are you shocked that I love all the white?! I'm sort of thinking I need to just start a blog and call it "white spaces" because it seems that I'm so so drawn to them!

  4. Any idea who makes the comforter in the top picture?

  5. Who makes the floral embroidered pillow cases?


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