Against the wind

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It gets pretty windy during summertime here in Greece and this turns out to be a problem when spending time outdoors. Especially, when setting the table for lunch, that I use to put heavy items, like fruit baskets or filled bottles at the four corners of the table to stop the tablecloth from flying away (literally) with all the food! I was ecstatic to come across these elegant tablecloth weights for I believe they are the solution to my problem (mom, this one is for you!). Now, I only have to decide which one I'll get! 
Which one is your fave? What do you do when it gets windy out there?

Rope Knot tablecloth weight icon ($20 for a set of 4 - OpenSky)
Boat Buoy tablecloth weight icon ($20 for a set of 8 - OpenSky)

Image by Enrique Menossi.
1 comment on "Against the wind"
  1. love them both! If I had to choose, I'd go for the ''boat buoy'', just for the color touch.