Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday bliss

This is a typical summer bliss of mine; the blinding white sunlight staying outdoors, merely visible from the small openings and a shady, cool interior to host my midday siesta, after a long, hot day at the beach. I can almost feel the texture of the white throw and I'm totally in love with the light blue shutters! What an amazing room..

Image by penikola.


  1. Blue shutters are my kinda house porn! LOVE them!

  2. Now this is what I love and need! Thank you for such a gorgeous way to start the week.
    Francesca x

  3. wonderfull summer!!!!!....hello of spain.....

  4. Δωματιακι σουπερ για καλοκαιρινι σιεστα μετα απο κολυμπι και γεμιστα...

  5. more blue shutters plz! Takes me away to a beautiful place


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