Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sail away

Wouldn't it be just swell to get on a yacht and cruise to some islands? I was strolling by the harbor this afternoon and I felt my heart longing for a weekend getaway of such kind. With a handful of beloved ones, a pair of sunglasses and a scarf to protect the hair from the mid-sea winds and , of course, a good wine to match the fresh fish we'll be having for dinner. And the salty breeze to take all the troubling thoughts far far away. Nothing more, nothing less. Ahh, pure bliss..

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1,4.Oia Villa, 2,


  1. Thank you Eleni. Me too!! wow...only days before the "big" speak :)

  2. Yes, please! I've always wanted to visit Santorini. Wish it were just a boat ride away from me!

  3. It would be a dream!
    And Santorini would be just my destination!

  4. That would be incredible... I visited Mykonos three years ago, but I'm so looking forward to visiting Santorini!

  5. Y love SANTORINI!!!!!,OIA,most beautifull site what i´M look....Hello ..of SPAIN

  6. this post kills me ... slowly ... sigh...

    ps. that pizza was seriously delicious ;-)

  7. Oh my! I literally dream of visiting Santorini. One day, I hope! :)


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