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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spending this last weekend on a blog concerned conference has to be a big dream of mine coming true (or, something that two years ago I wouldn't even dare dreaming of). It was an excessive (and highly influential) give and take of ideas, inspirations, passions, smiles and cards!
Can't be thankful enough to have met MarikaThea and Toni, Gabrielle, Heidi, Teresa, Anne, Oum, Saskia, Angelika, Jeanette, SibylleLindsay amongst all the beautiful crowd. And, of course, the three ladies that made this conference possible Radostina, Yvonne and Peggy, thank you ladies for this! THANK YOU!!
We lived in a comfortable little flat provided by 9flats (totally recommended for you, travelers), we talked at wonderful betahaus and partied at stylish Cosmo Hotel.
For those not attended, you can get a sneak peek of what was all about in The Hive's flickr, facebook and twitter page (use #hive12 to get along). 
My speech was on Sunday morning and had to do with quality posting (actual title: How to curate inspiring images to a quality post with a personal touch- you can check it here).
So, let's all meet again in #hive13, shall we?

Images by me.

8 comments on "The Hive wonder"
  1. !!!!!I red your presentation and liked it SO MUCH!!! I am really happy for you! Perhaps one day we can meet and you can tell me this experience!!!!!
    Sou euxomai na pas poli makria Eleni!!!!! Filia

  2. This time I couldn't make it, but next year I promise I'll be there!

  3. so so jealous! congrats!!

  4. Οk, your presentation is fabulous!!!! I like very much your advices!!!

  5. How I wish I could have attended! Next year for sure.

  6. Thank you so much for a really inspirational and useful presentation!! That day was so hectic, and couldn't tell you in person! You did wonderfully!
    Giova from onebuntingaway.blogspot

  7. Μπραβο Ελενη !! πολυ ομορφη εργασια!
    Σου ευχομαι πολλες και καλες επιτυχιες !!!

  8. Checked out your speech, tx for sharing! Good work :)