Hello Berlin

Friday, May 18, 2012

We're heading to Berlin today to attend to the first European Blog Conference, The Hive, which will take place this weekend at the betahaus. I'd be a terrible lier to tell you I'm not over the top excited and anxious to meet all the amazing bloggers that will be there (speakers and participants) and be a part of all this blog talking.

My speech will be held on Sunday 20th, morning (you can have a look at the analytical schedule here) and it will be about the know how of curating a quality post. It would be so nice to have you around and chit chat about it. I'm sure this topic will arouse interesting questions and is subject to lots of feedback from experienced (or not) bloggers.

And, of course, apart from the conference, we'll get a few days extra to wander our Berlin, do some old-fashioned sightseeing (oh, there's been quite a long time since my last trip abroad..) and have a beer or two!

I'll be back on track on Wednesday 23th. I'm not leaving you uninspired, however, as I have a bunch of posts ready for you to enjoy (I'm not sure if I'll be having a decent internet connection at my room there). More news on the conference and the trip, as soon as possible, promise! xoxo

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1.betahaus, 2.Cosmo Hotel, 3.betahaus, 4.djchristus/christian harnisch
6 comments on "Hello Berlin"
  1. I love the colours and how you composed the pictures!

    See you tomorrow :)

  2. Hear for me and let me hear later. And enjoy your trip.

  3. Να περασεις καλα και να εχεις καλη επιτυχια.

  4. Have a wonderful time and good luck with everything!

  5. Ενδιαφερον ακουγεται... περιμενουμε ενημερωση!

  6. Hi Eleni, It was great meeting you today at the Hive! Thanks a lot for your presentation, I enjoyed and look forward to reading more from you! xx Teresa