Finding Paradise: Happy Interior Blog

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's see what paradise feels like to the male population, with Igor of Happy Interior Blog putting it into words and photos.

To Igor, Paradise

feels like: Inner balance, genuine happiness and the soothing knowledge to love and be loved.

looks like: A sunny morning on the sea, happy faces, a street in Paris and a home you love.

smells like: An enchanting concoction of the smell of fig trees, fresh herbs and a crisp, salty sea breeze.

tastes like: Melting chocolate and a freshly brewed coffee in a street side café.

sounds like: The voices of your beloved ones and your favorite, old song.

Thanks Igor, that was purely divine!

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12 comments on "Finding Paradise: Happy Interior Blog"
  1. Thank you Eleni for having me over. It was a pleasure to travel to 'my kind of paradise' for your excellent blog series! Filakia!

  2. Another Great post, I enjoyed it a lot. Well done, both of you!

  3. That sounds like heaven. I could use a little Paris right about now.

  4. Agree with everyone of Mr. I's answers! So dreamy! :)

  5. i enjoy reading Igor's blog, he gives you a happy feeling indeed!

  6. Loved this!
    Igor's paradise is my idea of paradise ;-)

  7. Hello Eleni and Igor!

    Lovely post and must say that I feel so connected with Igor's view on paradise.

    Warm regards to both of you.

    (... little by little adding some time spent on line in my day, after a Spring break, till I return to activevly posting)

  8. I love this series! Such a great post. Definitely sounds like paradise to me!

  9. Spot on Igor!!! We'd love to come visit your paradise!