Finding Paradise: Dustjacket attic

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'd like to welcome an Australian with a sharp, exquisite eye to share with us her vision of paradise.
Debra of dustjacket attic, we're so glad to have you around!

To Debra, paradise

feels like: the warmth of the sun on your skin, the feeling of peace and happiness.

looks like: sparkling blue seas, the countryside in spring, a softly lit cafe on a small side street in Paris.

smells like: the scent of flowers in the garden, freshly baked bread just pulled apart, brewed coffee in the morning.

tastes like: a gorgeous wine, a beautiful platter full of delectable food, a baked cheesecake.

sounds like: the water rippling up against the shore, the birds singing in the trees, the breeze rustling through the leaves.

Thank you, Debra. That was swell!
Footnote: This cheesecake recipe turns out great according to the lady, be sure to check it out ;)

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6 comments on "Finding Paradise: Dustjacket attic"
  1. My paradise would smell that way too!!


  2. Oh thanks so much for having me over was fun!

    Yes I made that very cheesecake for a dinner party and it was delicious,(though I left the topping off cause I was a bit rushed ;) xoxo

  3. that sounds like a really lovely paradise

  4. Una bella iniziativa
    un abbraccio a te e a Debra

  5. Λοιπόν θέλω και το γλυκάκι και το ρουχαλάκι!