Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cool abode

It is one of these places that instantly captures your heart. And the perfect house to live in at this time (this time = days getting hotter and summer screaming "I'm here") as it's shady interiors with the hight sporting the xl roof beams, the desaturated, rough woods and the clever use of black and whites on a natural canvas create a well-balanced atmosphere that leaves you feel cool and protected. I have to admit I have a crush on the b&w striped awning and the wooden fan over the kitchen.

Images by Prue Ruscoe.


  1. This one has good bones and I have to say that I love the striped awning!

    PS. I'm slowly catching up on blogs after moving and unpacking. Well, I haven't quite finished the unpacking part but I believe I'll get there before Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous space! Your blog is always an oasis to visit. Happy weekend Eleni!


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