Would you like to see my dream place?

Friday, April 20, 2012

If money wasn't an issue I'd definitely opt for this amazing house for sale. It is located in Essaouira in Morocco (geez, I love Morocco!) and seems to be the perfect place for weekend getaways (I repeat, money not an issue) to clear the mind and the soul and fill the lungs with the whimsical smells of the country and the stomach with lots of tajine! Love the, sort of, minimalistic approach of the moroccan aesthetics, the simplicity of the forms and the materials, the concrete floors and, of course, the built in cabinets and bathroom. 
So, until I get rich somehow, let's just drool over the photos..

P.s. More Morocco here, here and here!

Images via Castles in the sand.
Arrows by Ez.
9 comments on "Would you like to see my dream place?"
  1. so serene & lovely! I need to visit Morocco one day!

  2. Maybe we should all chip in and buy it as our 'blogger retreat' in Morocco where we will all meet regularly to boost our creativity:-)

  3. Brilliant idea Igor!!! Imagine all that possible brainstorming in there!

  4. It looks incredible! The whites and greys and just the right amount of colour.

  5. This is definitely a dream place! Plus I'm in LOVE with the polished concrete in the bathroom! Amazing.

    ps: I've downloaded the arrows, too! Thanks for sharing the link!


  6. A dream house indeed. The combination of whites, greys, and lighting are just perfect with this house.

  7. let me say that my jaw just dropped. Anyone would be really lucky to be able to live in such a gorgeous house.

  8. It's a perfect combination of old-school architecture with modern furnishings and decor. I'd definitely want to live in a place like that.