Monday, April 9, 2012

Wasted Rita

I love this girl's way of approaching life; straight-to-the point old fashioned sarcasm wrapped up in basic forms and fonts, deeply provoking and inspiring. Find more words here and don't forget to check the rest of her portfolio. You can get her stuff at bigcartel and society6.

Images via Wasted Rita.


  1. Great new discovery, Eleni! I am off to check out more of her work!

  2. Very nice!! I love the first one: Be BOLD or Italic...Never regular!!! That's also my motto!!!

  3. Simple but straight to the point, right?

  4. Hi Eleni...witty post you have today. I'll go visit her. We could use some of these saying around here. xx's

  5. These are WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing this fab find with us.


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