Saturday, April 28, 2012

So true.. so damn true (or, maybe, I should try some self-hypnosis)

Image by Max Temkin via kickstarter (check it out- there is a video tutorial on how to make such philosophy posters!)
2 comments on "True"
  1. Poor world and everything alive in it, so sadly true. In general our brain prefers to work like that, on its own, but male-brain have "a longer way" (scientifically localized different nerve circuit) between do as i will and will as i will than our female brain. I call it GAP that might be closed in (n)one billion of a billion of a trillion of years.
    Have a nice weekend, here it is going to be HOT (30° Celsius) today!

  2. What a cool poster, I loved the video on it:) Thanks for sharing!