Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday bliss

The vines above our heads were not ready yet and the view to the pool was missing but I proudly state that we enjoyed a warm, sunny Sunday of similar quality like the above here. It even had a luscious bbq and a neighbor dog to keep us company. Oh, and twofour rosy cheeks, of course!
How was your weekend all 'round the globe friends?


  1. If I had a similar spot to the above I don't think I could ever leave - soooo pretty! ;)

  2. My weekend was calm and relaxing, even though the weather was awful.
    I spent it in my country house but mine is not as beautiful as your spot.

  3. So beautiful. I want to sit there with a cocktail and a good book.
    Greetings, Scrapbella ...the suitable gift idea!

  4. @kala y chas: Hehe, I wish my spot was as beautiful as this one, too! We can still dream, though, right?


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