Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pet Petals

When I stumbled upon these assorted, bright creations over at Etsy I said to myself, wow, you've finally found what you were looking for to hang on your living room wall, girl! And then I realized that these things are not painted art (although the look only too good for that!) but recycled plastic bottle pieces that Gülnur Özdağlar has transformed into amazing petals that can be used as jewelry or decoration parts. Aren't they stunning?
You can visit Gülnur's blog and site to see her works (and how she uses them in her creations) and you can buy these ones from her etsy shop ($17.00).

Images via gulnurozdaglar.


  1. This work is really really wonderful, I anyhow like the idea of using what we have and re-cycling but what she does out of it is extraordinary.

  2. Gorgeous - I love the variety of colors on her etsy shop.

  3. Cool post! This is indeed a very wonderful blog!


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