Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kitchen love

Hello, you lovely kitchen, with the cottage reminisces, the pure white cabinetry and the white paneled walls, the shabby chic chandelier and the complementing details I'll never get bored looking at (pretty storage you've got there, lady!). Just so you know, you've made my day!

Images via nicety.


  1. What a lovely/pretty/gorgeous kitchen!!!!!! It makes also my day!

  2. Lovely kitchen. I want to start cooking, now!
    Greetings, Scrapbella

  3. Oh my! I'd love to bake in that kitchen!

  4. These are my old cabinets and then I had oak countertops. One day I'll have a kitchen like that again!

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend ;-)

  5. Glad that this post aroused your cooking skills!
    @I love the white cabinets-oak countertop combo! Hope you have one alike soon (and, to myself as well!)


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