How to work on a spring sunny day

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Office design

Tricky question. And with no straight answer. If you are blessed to have a working space surrounded by nature things are definitely easier. Open up the windows to let the sunshine in and go for small strolls every once in a while to breath some extra fresh air.
What happens if you work downtown then? There are a few tricks you can follow to get things going. You can try to
  • add some fresh greens and flowers in your working space. If you're a serial indoor plant killer try a few faux ones (at least you'll be getting the green touches),
  • light a flower scented candle (smells like outdoors pronto ;),
  • music is a mood booster must have. You can opt for background sounds of nature that act subliminally and don't disturb you from working (like birds and water springs) or  something more active like cuban classics (well, not actually sure whether dancing and e-mail answering go well together..),
  • forget coffee and drink a fresh juice in a colored glass (let all the vitamins power up your brain and inspiration),
  • gear up with beautiful and inviting bright stationary (maybe you will like your todo lists after all),
  • dress up your desktop screen with a vibrant, feel good wallpaper or/and use your inspiration board as a summer vacation planner and hang all those amazing love-to-go places (caution: this might cause severe daydreaming- totally inappropriate for tight deadlines).
So, what do you do to get your work done despite the tempting sunshine? 

P.s. For extra inspiration on this matter you can check my latest ideabook on Houzz.

Image credits (clockwise):
1.elsk dit hjem via decor8, 2.Hallie Burton , 3.Digs By Katie, 4.Happy Living
5 comments on "How to work on a spring sunny day"
  1. These are fabulous! Love those home offices! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. Eleni, these are fabulous suggestions--I want to throw my windows open and do all of them! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. oohhh *_*
    I could work there too! :)

  4. Wonderful collections - I too could work there!

  5. You can know how to work on spring summer day. Useful post