Monday, April 2, 2012

Green days

So how was your weekend then?
I feel deeply inspired by the blooming nature these days, finding it extremely difficult to stay indoors. I wouldn't mind adding a few green and olive touches into my place like a wall or a couple of pillows (I had a similar green like the first photo on my old house and I was totally in love with it! Maybe I should try it in my current house as well). I even picked a bunch of daisies to keep me company at home!
It is amazing to hear the bird sing again and the days to be longer and longer. Such a mood booster, don't you think?

Image credits:
1.House of  Rich & Leah Moss via apartment therapy, 2.Micky Hoyle via House and Leisure September 2011


  1. This is the "bad" thing about spring... cannot and won't stay indoors!

  2. I've always had a soft spot for olive touches ;-)
    And I have a little crush on those chairs.

  3. I love olive colors at homes. Olive or green shade furnitures or accessories fresh'n up the whole interior. The interior above is exactly my taste! :)

  4. Love the 2 person tub


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