Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feel Good Photo 120426

Oh, the blue florals! So fresh and intimidating..

Image via designspiration.


  1. I just want to jump right into that bed! I feel like I can almost smell the fresh scent of the sheets! Wonderful find!

  2. Yeap, I feel the same Dee! I was smitten by the freshness of this room pronto!

  3. HI Eleni, a wonderful comforting room. I loved your spring day post so much I linked it today. Paris is so grim your photo made me forget. Carla

  4. That is definitely a feel good photo, I've such a crush on white and blue patterns.

    PS. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Lux post. How about you making the gyros while I take care of the table setting in the garden? Well, I forgot to say that there is also a large balcony along the south side of the house, which can be entered through the kitchen and living room. We could always eat gyros out there ;-)

  5. Hehe, it's a deal! I'll make tzatziki too =)

  6. oh my.... what a room...very dreamy
    once again Eleni you inspire as the best way


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