Essential essance: Lavender

Thursday, April 19, 2012
I love the smell of lavender (and its mind and body therapeutic properties!) and I also love these two ways of having it around my place; wrapped up in beautiful sachets for my drawers and canvas bucket to organize my filled with lavender blooms vases in the living room. Aren't they super cuties?

grey stripe sachets ($20.00 - Gardenmis on Etsy)
nautical summer sachets ($27.00 - Gardenmis on Etsy)
canvas bucket ($12.00 - Chewing the cud on Etsy)

4 comments on "Essential essance: Lavender"
  1. I share your love for lavender. I keep a bottle of organic essential oil from Oshadhi within reach, it's like breathing in heaven!

    PS. If you have time, I have a food question for Greek people on my blog today.

  2. I have a few little lavender sachets, too -- they are so wonderful :)

  3. Your blog is so beautiful! I'm honored to have my lavender sachets featured here, thank you! :)

  4. @LateLisa: I have one bottle of lavender with me all the time, as well. It proves to be a very powerful medicine for cuts, burns, headaches or just bad mood!
    @ Priscilla of Gardenmis: Your welcome and thank you Priscilla! You're doing a great job with your sachets!