Monday, April 16, 2012

Enjoy the good life

I'm still a bit blown away by all the smells and tastes of these last days, merely keeping my eyes focused on the screen. I guess tomorrow will be a brand new, refreshing day, so I'll see you then my friends! xoxo

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  1. Amazing pics! Hope you'll have a fantastic Tuesday!



  2. Dear Eleni, loved your blog and enjoyed all lovely photos you shared )looked till the beginning). Bests from a cat from Constantinopolis (who live in London).

  3. πολυ μου αρεσουν τα φραγκοσυκακακακ

  4. @perfection makes me yawn: you too girls =)
    @A Cat From London: I'm really glad you enjoy My Paradissi. And I have to admit that you come from a beautifully amazing city (been there a few years ago and was thrilled!) xo

  5. lovely!

    thank you for your recent comment, I'm also enjoying my morning coffee ;)

  6. BEAUTIFUL photos! That top one needs a frame. :) Beautiful blog.


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