Friday, March 2, 2012

Workspace inside the house

I've found lots of condensed home workspace inspiration (while trying to convince myself that Friday is a working day indeed..) at stylist's Sarah Windman portfolio. She is the magic touch behind the tempting apartments we see at Alvhem. Go on, visit her portfolio to see even more inspiring shoots (taken by  Fredrik J Karlsson).

Images via Sarah Windman.


  1. I love working spaces inside the house. I work from home sometimes and my husband is a teacher, so these work spaces are important to us! But my house never looks like these ones in magazines!!!
    isos mia mera na sou zitiso tin gnomi sou!!
    Kalo S/K eleni, gemato HLIO!!!!!!!!
    Ean mia mera eisai Rethymno, pes kati, na pioume ena kafe!

  2. I love these looks. So inspiring for my home study. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that 2nd last space! Always love seeing creative work spaces. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!xx

  4. I love the fourth workspace - by the window really makes it special!

  5. love these work spaces. and love the blog! i love good, clean design.

  6. Once I move into a bigger apartment, I will definitely have a little work corner in my home! Kalo sabbatokyriako!

  7. You really love decorating a house with wooden floors right? I love your choice of furniture selection especially the chairs.
    wicker outdoor furniture


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