Friday, March 9, 2012

With a sunny attitude

Today the day felt something like the above; bright bedroom with a matching light blue headboard and window, rustic striped linens and a display of vintage toy cars. Or, even better, green shaded patio with paper lanterns above head and a almost decayed bench covered with a striped, comfy cushion. And the promise of a light, fresh lunch with baked bread and just a glass of the perfectly aged wine. Oh, spring, you have taken my mind away...

Image credits:
1.Rachel Whiting via House&Garden August 2011, 2.Lisa Cohen via Australian Country Style May 2010


  1. I would love to eat a meal on the terrace - perfect!

  2. Teleia! I'm dreaming of this kind of spring vibes! Kalo sabbatokyriako!!

  3. I agree, I"m completely ready for spring....and especially for a lunch on that terrace above!!

  4. I just love dreaming of spring... what a lovely blog you have! I'm so happy to have found it. Keep up the wonderful work!


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