Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where to eat

Here are some interesting spots to have your breakfast. Love the full size chalkboard wall (yeap, you can write anything on it- inspiration strikes even during eating time!) and the baby pink eames in the first photo and the amazing blue shade on the walls in the second one (with the ivy plant on the retro cabinet, the yellow pendant over the table and Andy's boring things to go along!) Oh, and that Huile d'Olive tray in the last one, cute right?
How's your weekend so far? I'm eagerly waiting for a super delicious meal being cooked by my man right as we speak (hence the dining spot post ;) xoxo!

Image credits:
1.sfgirlbybay, sponge, 3.Sam McAdam via Australian Country Style April 2010


  1. I love that first picture! I neeeeeeed a set of pink chairs in my life ;)

  2. To proino gia mena & oikogenia einai to pio simatiko!!! Stronoume trapezi kathe mera prin to sxoleio, kai ta sabatokiriaka kanoume polles fores BRUNCH!!!!!
    Lovely corners Eleni! Kalo S/K!

  3. Where is the small tulip table from?

    1. I'm not sure, but it really looks like the DOCKSTA table from ikea. Perhaps, you should contact the owner, Victoria from sfgirlbybay, for more info!


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