Friday, March 23, 2012

Timzowood Living stools

I love these pastel stools by Timzowood Living and I can imagine, oh, just over a thousand ways to use them! Like a bedside table, or as a second next to the sofa or your favorite armchair, in the kids room or even the bathroom. They will sure brighten up any place whatsoever! Where would you use them?

You can find them in Timzowood Living.
Lou (€ 24.95), Suus (€ 29.50), Aagje (€ 24.95)


  1. I love these colors! I would put them everywhere!! Not only one, but many of them, just as in the pictures, the one on top of the other! As side tables in the living room for my books, for the I-pad or the laptop or as bedside tables! Common but so practical!
    I love the Moroccan style ones! they are soooo cool!


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