Saturday love

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Have you met Toni and Thea? They are the creative minds behind the new online SISTER magazine (guessed right, they are sisters indeed) and are speaking, amongst other speakers (inc. me!), at The Hive Conference in Berlin on May.
I'm thrilled to be presented by them the Liebster Blog Award. Really, girls, admiration is mutual! And now, it's my turn to give it to 5 beloved bloggers (narrow down to only five- tough..) who then will pass on the award to another five and so on (blog love is endless ;).. So the Oscar  award goes to:
Lisa of Latte Lisa
Maria of EclecChic
Amina of Dar Amina
Sunny of Morning's light

I strongly encourage you to visit the ladies above and say hi!

Well, Saturday night that is and any moment now friends are coming over for a special pizza night in. Off I go to get ready! Enjoy yours! xoxo

P.S. Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

Image via planete deco.
2 comments on "Saturday love"
  1. Eleni I love the simplicity of the outdoor setting. Now heading over to Sister Magazine - thank you! Francesca x

  2. Thank you Eleni for the blog award. I'm kind of awful with these things because I never post about them but I do appreciate them very much.

    I hope you enjoyed your pizza night and I sure hope you'll be blogging from the Hive Conference in May.

    Have a wonderful Sunday ;-)