Monday, March 19, 2012

Red&White March

Greeks, have a special bonding with red and white color combination and March. We were told, as kids, to wear a red/white yarn bracelet to protect ourselves from the strong and harsh sun of the first days of spring (we called it Martis- like the month). I'm not sure if it worked (well, I am..) but it was really hip to wear one and we all anxiously awaited for the 1st of March to come.  
Now, after all these years of using more approved ways to protect myself from the sun, I still like to use this combination in my home (and on myself) to bring some of my childhood memories and the essence of a carefree springtime. Like this welcoming transit letter sign to decorate or these crocheted blankets to keep myself warm during the, still cold, March evenings.

Hello transit sign ($48 - Three Potato Four)
Crocheted blanket (£40.00 - rocketandbear on Etsy)

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  1. So interesting to read of this Greek tradition, especially as it happens in one of my favourite months of the year! Have a lovely week, Eleni!


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