Ode to simplicity

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I fell head over heels for this lady over here. How simple and straightforward this chic kitchen is? Black cabinets combined with marble countertop (black for the cabinets and white for the island!) and breathtaking rhombus tiles as splashback (check the rhombus detail on the glass part of the upper cabinets that complements the tiles). Perfect finishing touch are the black Madeleine barstools that bring a french country essence to the place (you can find them here). 

Kitchen designed by Greg Natale.
4 comments on "Ode to simplicity"
  1. Absolutely agree. So simple but oh so chic. I love the rhombus tiles and retro faucet.

  2. LESS (with style) IS MORE!!!!!!♥

  3. I agree with Vanda above! You know Eleni the kitchen of my dreams is black and white! Maybe one day...

  4. oh!! i LOVE this. thanks for sharing!
    I have just come across your blog and started following - think it's great! I hope you don't mind I have linked this post to my recent post. Hope you might like to follow my blog in return?
    Maria x