Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home love: Barbara's abode


Oh, Barbara, you know you live in such a beautiful place? 
Although, far far away from here (Australia is actually in the other side of the world..) this sunny spot contains all these details that define my dream home. I love the easy going atmosphere of the house, the feeling that this place is alive and full of exciting people. This large window at the dining room looking at the patio (amazing single tree out there!) gets all the desirable sunlight in and blends in brilliantly with the table, the eames chairs, the carpet (love love love!) and the art on the wall. Her office spot (and kid's playroom to add!) is definitely a place to spend long productive hours, with its vintage cabinet to organize the clutter and lots of inspiration on the wall for pronto brainstorming! And the entrance with the most amazing door and the rustic floor tiles gets you into the whole spirit at first glance! 
You can check more photos of this gorgeous spot over at The Design Files.

Photos by Sean Fennessy.


  1. I love the open, airy space - so inviting and comfy to live in!

  2. Amazing house. I see it is going on the market! Too bad I live about 5,000 miles away.

  3. OH my I love this... especially the hanging stars! so wonderful!

  4. What a lovely home - and I have a bit of an obsession about trestle tables as desks!

  5. I'm drawn to how cozy and not "overly decorated" this house is.

  6. Oh my, how gorgeous!
    And those floorpillows on the second pic are amaazing!

    Thanks for your comment at my place ;)

  7. I wouldn't mind living in that house!

  8. I have to tell you...every time I am looking up pictures and something stunning catches my eye, more often than not, it's on your site.
    You have great taste and a great eye.

  9. Bridgette @ MyFamilyLifeBlogMay 15, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    What a gorgeous home! The place itself looks so comfy and stylish. I can't wait for my Long Island home builders to start working on my new house.

  10. This is exactly what I'm looking for in these new homes for sale catalogs! Your place is stylish, spacious and very modern. I'm green with envy.


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