Easy breezy by the sea

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The above images are a resume of today's activities (ok, apart from my afternoon meeting- but you'd probably wouldn't be interested in that!). That translates to a rejuvenating walk by the sea (and a late post that is..) and tons of fresh salty air in my lungs! Have I told you how much I love being freelance and decide for myself which my working hours would be (ehmm, most of the times)? 

Images by me.
4 comments on "Easy breezy by the sea"
  1. The charms of living by the sea - I admit, I envy you a bit! Mou leipei i Ellada!

  2. You should come for a visit Igor! You know the summer is rapidly approaching and Greece looks only too good during summer!

  3. Elini, gorgeous photos, really love them...I would like to use the second one in my upcoming post...( linked to you, of course) What do you think?
    Big hugs!


  4. Thank you Ines =)
    Sure, go on, take it! As long as it is properly credited I'd be glad to see it in one of your posts!