Catalina Estrada

Thursday, March 15, 2012

When I came across Catalina Estrada's work on Houzz I was ecstatic! 
Amazing overloads of colors in a neo-psychedelic form with lots of folkloric inspirations (born in Colombia, living in Barcelona and traveling a lot- what would you expect?!) that dress up from walls and linens to bags and helmets! I've picked up a few photos of amazing wall covers that Catalina created in collaboration with the wallpaper company Coordonné , but you can view all of her works at her site

P.S. These floor tiles seem to be the perfect match to Catalina's work, don't you think?

Images via Houzz.
5 comments on "Catalina Estrada"
  1. When I spot an Acapulco chair, I am convinced already:-) Very vibrant and cheerful designs!

  2. Amazing drawings and colours!!!!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Fantastic! And yes, I noticed how wonderful the floor tiles looked with the art.

  4. I agree, the painting is amazing! I've seen it somewhere before and it is really eye-catching!

  5. OMG! It's genial! this feels so NEW and KICKING! Never heard about her or the wallpaper brand! Thank U for sharing, this is the input of the week!! XoX / PerfectionMakesMeYawn