Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catalina Estrada

When I came across Catalina Estrada's work on Houzz I was ecstatic! 
Amazing overloads of colors in a neo-psychedelic form with lots of folkloric inspirations (born in Colombia, living in Barcelona and traveling a lot- what would you expect?!) that dress up from walls and linens to bags and helmets! I've picked up a few photos of amazing wall covers that Catalina created in collaboration with the wallpaper company Coordonné , but you can view all of her works at her site

P.S. These floor tiles seem to be the perfect match to Catalina's work, don't you think?

Images via Houzz.


  1. When I spot an Acapulco chair, I am convinced already:-) Very vibrant and cheerful designs!

  2. Amazing drawings and colours!!!!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Fantastic! And yes, I noticed how wonderful the floor tiles looked with the art.

  4. I agree, the painting is amazing! I've seen it somewhere before and it is really eye-catching!

  5. OMG! It's genial! this feels so NEW and KICKING! Never heard about her or the wallpaper brand! Thank U for sharing, this is the input of the week!! XoX / PerfectionMakesMeYawn


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