Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Minakani Wallpapers

Speaking of wallpapers I was thrilled to come across these ones made by Minakani. Love the bold, large patterns that definitely steal the show and create a unique atmosphere in any place. Really, aren't they like pieces of art? Minakani studio is located in Paris and is very famous for their unique patterns used in fashion and furnishing among other things. Check their site for more info and inspiration and find their wallpapers here (65€/m2).

Images via Minakani Walls. Found via Ellens Album.


  1. Gorgous! Like your log that I have accidently found yesterday via "The Hive". Maybe we will meet their. Best wishes from Berlin!

  2. I mean blog (not log) of course ;)

  3. love mosaic wallpaper, color and elegance

  4. LOVE the mosaic option! So graphic, fun and colourful.

  5. Me encanta todos los wallpapers !!! Gracias por compartir sus ideas con nosotros.


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