Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Floral February wish

Mix and match, florals and flowers, silk and satin, vintage and country, hues of ease and cheerful attitude. How about using old suitcases as a side table? And lots of fresh flowers to wipe out the misery of these cold days..
Happy February to you all! (Oh, at last, you came.. January has been quite a quirky month around here..)

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  1. really pretty! fresh flowers just make any room feel glorious.

  2. Σε ανακάλυψα μέσα από το rdeco και από τότε περιμένω εν αγωνίως το επόμενο post σου. Συγχαρητήρια για την τέλεια "συλλογή" σου και για τις ιδέες που μας δίνεις μέσα από αυτά!


  3. Love those vintage suitcase stacked on top of each other! Great table lamp too.

  4. these flowers make me so happy ... sigh!

  5. Very beautiful. Putting some flowers anywhere just brings a touch of loveliness in the place. Using those suitcase as side table is a good idea.

  6. This is a well-designed space. The room is well put together and the furniture pieces used looks great. It kinda reminded me of the office furniture in New York I saw during my visit there.


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