Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eclectic living

You have to admit that there are some rooms that are very far from being predictive and boring. These, that emerge the classicism and good taste of their owners along with that easy-going, everyday-used vibe that takes away any last hints of stylized, strict design. In a few words, spaces with personal attitude and essence. Like the above living rooms, where I can (oh, so easily) picture myself spending hours and days, totally blending in with the decoration! I love how cozy they look and that is thanks to all those textiles thrown simultaneously into the scene, like the carpets overlapping in the first image and the mix&matching pillows, or the side-to-side carpets below and that soft throw on the chaise in the last one (really, can I jump onto that chaise, like, now?).

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  1. I love the open feel of each of these rooms.

  2. Love the second room, okay I'll probably replace the rug during winter ;-) Almost posted the third one myself this morning or until I decided that soft pink was my today's mood ;-)

  3. Love the little reading nook by the window!

  4. Oh my gosh - these are all so perfect!! I love these kinds of spaces, too, that look lived in and feel collected instead of "designed." Great picks.


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