Thursday, February 2, 2012

Color happy

I'm drawn by these cheerfully colored spaces today. It might be the sun that came out unexpectedly or the feeling of optimism that I woke up to this morning. Anyhow, adding colorful textiles and mixing styles and textures can bring out an eclectic atmosphere without much effort. Just don't be afraid to give it a try (let your gut tell you what's good for your eyes and soul and you won't be disappointed- promise!).

Image credits:
1.James Ransom, 2.Lonny


  1. Poli oraies fotografies!!!!Kai emena mou aresi to xroma se ena xoro, kirios sto saloni(maxilaria, leptomereies, kai kapoio toixou!).
    Tora efige o ilios...krima!

  2. Eleni, eimai pali ego! Mporei kai na tok sereis idi, alla emena mou aresei poli auto to blog:

    Exei kai DECO kai MODA!!! Einai teleio!

  3. xexe, nai to kserw, einai apo ta kotryfaia ston tomea tou! Xairomai pou sou aresan oi fwto, ante giati tis epomenes meres perimenoume anoiksiatiko kairo =)

  4. poly moy aresei ayto to < firdin migdin > ths 2hs fwto !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ohhhque bonito salón, Me encanta!

  6. We are so with U! Let it loose :) Just found your blog. Love it! XoX

  7. I have trouble picturing Crete withOUT the sun shining! But those rooms are certainly cheerful!

  8. Very Cool!!!!!


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