Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bold pomegranate

I love what a boldly colored detail does to a space. I also have a sweet tooth for pomegranate (and its warm and vibrant red color) so, as you can tell, it was an easy decision to post the above images. The couch in the first image looks so soft and welcoming, with its velvet texture just ready to be stroked! And the outdoor scene below is such a summer feeling trigger I can't believe we're still in mid February. I could wrap myself into that fuchsia sarong and head straight to the beach (or perhaps enjoy a cool ice tea under the thick patio shadow? Hmm, you're so daydreaming girl..)

Image credits:
1.Emily Johnston Anderson, 2.french by design via pretty stuff


  1. Eleni my favourite fruit and favourite colour - so you know that this post is a BIG win for me. Filakia F

  2. The couch looks wonderful Eleni! Thanx for some good color inspiration! XoX / Perfection Makes Me Yawn

  3. That colour of the first sofa is beautiful!

  4. So lovely! Makes me wish for summer!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. fabulous colour ... that second photo makes me long for summmer!

  6. Πολυ ομορφη και οι δυο χωροι. Για την εποχη μας θα διαλεγα τον καναπε... οτι πρεπει για ολοημερη σιεστα αγκαλια με κουβερτουλα.

  7. That sofa is AMAZING, E! The colour is so rich and vibrant - love it.


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