That's a fine warming start

Monday, January 2, 2012

So celebrations are almost over and 2012 is proudly a part of our everyday lives now. And I say almost because, although Monday is a good excuse to start off this new year neat and clean, it seems I have developed a strong aversion to any kind of physical or mental effort. Hmm, so much for the new year's resolutions..
My holidays have been pretty much quiet and smooth, cozy and easy going, just like the atmosphere of the first image (without the fireplace, unfortunately..). With lots of knitting, friends and laughter. And lots of food and sweets, dinners and soirĂ©es. Oh, and lots of sleep. My batteries are definitely as full as they can be (no moaning about that) but that's something that I'll fully take advantage of when I get back into normal programming again (and that will be soon, for god's sake). 
How were your holidays? Did you get to do everything you had in mind? I'd love to know!

P.S.: I'd love to thank you again and again for being around My Paradissi in 2011, for all your love, your comments and emails that always make my day! I hope we stay altogether this year as well and enjoy all the beauties and designs that exist all over the ever-inspiring blogosphere!

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5 comments on "That's a fine warming start"
  1. Eleni,

    Your images are gorgeous today! I love all of them. So warm and inviting. Hope you're New Year will be one filled with much success, happiness, good fortune, health and most importantly love.


  2. That log fire looks super cosy! Happy New Year - hope 2012 is full of good health and happiness for you!

  3. I need a fireplace back in my life. Those bookshelves in the first image are also more than welcome to live with me.

    You'll find your rhythm soon, I'm sure about that. Here's to a wonderful 2012 ... cheers ;-)

  4. So glad i found your blog!!!Fabulous!!

  5. Thanks to you Eleni for sharing your inspirations always beautiful, chic and warm.
    Im in love with this white Tolix chairs and the bench of the las image. Gorgeous!