Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunlit interiors

The sun is out and the bedroom has to be simple, cosy and profound. With amazing fishbone parquet floors, white crisp linens and a statement vintage leather armchair. Or, with folklore accents and naturally carved logs transformed into furniture and fresh plants to complement. On any case, however, the sun beams have to get indoors and steal the show.

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  1. a bedroom with a balcony like that is my dream ... okay, one of my dreams ;-)

  2. I love sunlight homes, I think it's because I'm enjoying photography now, it seems so much more important.

    These pictures are beautiful as always!


  3. I loved the fishbone parquet floors! thanks and gave me a feel for my new home soon! Thanks LisaHome Interiors

  4. It's very important that the natural sunlight enters the house. My fiance and I are eyeing some new homes for sale and our standard includes the entry of the natural light.

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