Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of wood and comfort

The smell of the cottage life is tickling my nose, the wood and the cuddling textile softness, with a good healthy breakfast and a favorite book in front of the fire. And while the rain is pouring like crazy, I cannot help myself but search for such visual comforting images and daydream of my ideal sanctuary this gloomy Tuesday.

Image credits:
1.Art et Decoration via Linen and Lavender, 2.home and cottage


  1. Wouldn't mind living in that first photo for just a day ;-)

  2. Miα τετοια μπερζέρα ειναι οτι καλύτερο για μεσημεριανη χειμωνιατικη σιέστα.

  3. It is gloomy and rainy here too. It has been since Sunday. I really like your photos today they are so warm and inviting. I feel like I could just crawl up in that chair read a good book or have a warm meal of comfort food in the second one.

  4. Απιθανη μπερζέρα και πολυ ομορφο τραπεζι

  5. I love that chair, I could get lost in it!

  6. I love your style! Both sites I visited were yours! Great work!


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