Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy-going eclectic

It's good to get inspired by creative messy and eclectic mix&match spaces that give off a result more livable and chill than decoration wise appropriate and ready-for-shoot stylized. Like the above (not that they haven't been a bit prepared for any kind of shoot, but they look the least approachable and unpretentious anyhow..)  Don't you agree?

Image credits:
1.Creative Flats, 2.NY Magazine, 3.The Brick House


  1. These are great rooms and love the easy going, chic feel. The tripod tables in the first image...fabulous!!

  2. Polυ ομορφοι χωροι με ιδιαιτερο προσωπικο στυλ.

  3. beautiful round up of really great spaces, very real yet chic!


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