Hard working (by the fire)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Here is the thing about working freelance: when you're having a great time and spend hours of chatting and laughing by the fire, the weekend has the incredible ability to prolong itself and swallow up most of the Monday.. hm hm, many drawings to catch up, I'd better get started.. (first thing in the morning, that is!)

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Let the sunshine in

I love how these living rooms dress up in pink shades as the sunshine strokes gently their soft and delicate interiors. Although the weather in Crete stays cold and cloudy, I find these rooms as the perfect inspiration to start off a new week!

Image credits:
1.Elle Decor, 2.Melanie Avecedo, 3.Morten Hotlum (via La Dolce Vita)

Royal quarters

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let your bedroom be a charming scene for the most romantic play this Sunday night! xo

Image credits:
1.Hotel Ad Place Venice, 2.Dennis Servers' House (photograph by James Brittain)


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can I please, dear Universe, have this kitchen when I grow up?

Image via formations.

Warm and charming

Nothing could be more satisfying after a late night Friday than cuddling up in a large, soft couch with a hot cup of coffee, staring at the fire, listening to the crackling sound of the burning logs and enjoying the serene presence of your beloved one. 

Image credits:
1.Chateau de Moissac (via concrete jungle), 2. DeCesare Design (found via a diary of lovely), 3.Erin Martin Design

Under the roof

Friday, January 28, 2011

Considering the fact that throughout my life I've always lived in apartments, you can hopefully share my love of wooden roofs, particularly the ones with beams painted in white. They give out such warmth and a welcoming feeling of safety. These bedrooms can stand for themselves better than can possibly describe, enjoy!

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Sweet like chocolate

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This London apartment, designed by Jayne Wunder, is definitely some eye candy. All those beige and brown tones, the soft and sleek materials along with the simplicity of the language being used create a sophisticated nook that lacks no warmth whatsoever.

Images via Jayne Wunder. Photographer: Mark Williams.

Dining large

Look at these rooms and tell me is it just me or not that dream of the best possible feast to be taken place there! Imagine the table full of goodies and beloved friends and family being around you laughing loud and having a great time! Some great music (a few instruments and people who know how to play would be enough) and house-made wine in abundance. 

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Illustrator: Adam Simpson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love the clarity and the lack of pretense in the illustrations of Adam Simpson. Go to his website to check his work, it's definitely worthwhile. 

Images via Adam Simpson.

Villa Orpheus in Mykonos

Summer time seems awfully far away but this won't stop me from dreaming of warmer temperatures and all those ways to cool myself during the heat (the mind is a really complicated  unsatisfied machinery). At least, these were my first thoughts when I came across this stunning villa in Mykonos. Designer Jayne Wunder successfully managed to capture the spirit of the Greek islands and bring out most of the traditional characteristics of the area like the white-blue color combination, the curvy forms and the natural materials, resembling old Aegean houses wrapped up in a contemporary cloak. The best part is that you can add Villa Orpheus to your dream summer destinations (I have) and visit Mykonos Villa Crew for booking information!

Images via Vartnya Hem.

A shower to relax

Clean cut lines, sleek materials and natural tones form these bathrooms that one can easily describe as tranquil and easy chill. What I love the most is how effortless they look and how inviting to take a hot shower in them. And the view from the windows... different in each case, but what a view!

Image credits:
1.shelterness, 2.Rene Desjardins

Alice in the future

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hayon Studio created The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino in Madrid and managed to make it look like a scene from Alice in Wonderland being shot way ahead in the future. All those curves, the sleek forms, the implication of vintage being interpreted into a modern, futuristic aspect and the bold, shiny colors take me away to a dreamy fairy tale.

Images via Hayon Studio.

Simple white

I love how these fireplaces look discreet and elegant and how they blend in with the rest of the decoration by using a minimalistic language. However, they show no lack of warmth and coziness, don't you agree?

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