Sunday, December 25, 2011

X-mas essence 1225 (Oh, it's Christmas!)

Merry Christmas to you all!
I wish you joy and prosperity, health and abundance, sanity and a wild heart with a room for everyone! Thank you for being around My Paradissi, your company is the best gift ever ☺

Image by sentimentality.


  1. Merry Christmas, Eleni!
    Love, peace and happy moments for you too!

  2. Καλα Χριστουγεννα

    Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas Eleni, I hope you've been enjoying a festive and peaceful time with delicious food.

    This greeting arrives later than I intended it. Sorry I haven't been much around because of the flu. I was looking at all your wonderful posts to see what I missed.

    Hugs from Antwerp


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