Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday plans

We are just beginning to get close to the holidays and I'm already in a festive mood. This translates to late night sleeping, friends gatherings and a reluctancy to do anything scheduled or demanding. Which brings me to a Sunday topped with to dos and unavoidable work deadlines. Ok, first things first then; catch up with the necessaries and then spend the evening ice skating and cotton candy eating ☺

Image credits:
1.nicety, 2.Douglas Friedman, 3.tumblr (can't track down the original source, any clues?)


  1. I just have to replace the rug in the first photo and then I can move in ;-)

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Sunday!

  2. So much light! A house should have as much light as it possibly can - that is my theory :).

    You have a beautiful blog & I am now a follower (Bloglovin).

    Thank you


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