Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cottage inspired kitchen storage

In my dream kitchen, there's definitely going to be some extra room to accommodate a large cottage style cabinet to store away food, expendables and other kitchenware. Love the wire mesh idea instead of using closing wooden doors (it gives the cabinet a french country aura, don't you think?) and the assorted collection of glass jars combined with in line rattan baskets. And, of course, if I owned a dinnerware like the above, I would have no second thoughts on showing it off on open kitchen buffet. Speaking of country style buffets, I also heart this one and definitely that one.
So, which one is your favorite (or would you prefer more contemporary storage solutions)?

Image credits:
1.Chris Everard, 2.Houzz, 3.AT casa


  1. i love it! it doeas look a bit like my kitchen storage ...
    grandma style ; )

  2. Oh, how I would love to have all the kitchenware in these photos, especially the big glass jars.

    I would like a huge oak cabinet/cupboard with glass doors ;-)

  3. I love these images and the wire mesh or even glass doors would be great. Love ironstone in that dreamy creamy white.



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