Bathroom lust

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We haven't talked about bathrooms in a while, don't you think? Here is some brainstorming, then. I love the simplicity of the first one with the concrete ceiling and the metallic tubes complementing the scene, the pink window frame and the wooden stove in the second one, the boudoir atmosphere in the third one and, of course, the large chalkboard substituting the mirror (who needs one, anyway ;) in the last image. What's your favorite one?

Image credits:
1.Amy Neunsinger, 2.Micky Hoyle ,3.Mikael Dubois, 4.Russel Smith
4 comments on "Bathroom lust"
  1. Lovely bathrooms, Eleni! That chalkboard is fantastic idea!

  2. The wonderful thing. Very soothing. I think in a bathroom it is pleasant. But the mirror is still necessary:)

  3. i love the chalk board and basin best - but also love to have a chair in the bathroom so i also like the armchair and bath. they are all fantastic and i love the white!! Lelly

  4. Thinking of putting a wood burning stove in my bathroom re-fit. Wondering if you know how practical it is, with regard to rust etc ?