Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's your bedroom view?

Just imagine waking up to this view.. pure bliss, oh..

Image credits:
1.Joe Fletcher, 2.Peter Marino Architect


  1. We live deep in an old growth redwood forest. My view is sunlight through giants. :)

  2. Oh view is definitely not as picturesque as any of the above. But I do have some beautiful trees and castle-style apartments which make for a pleasant view :)

  3. i could totally get used to those views!

  4. Sleeping in a bedroom on the second floor; tree tops are my view! Like sleeping in a tree house :)

    Northern Light Blog

  5. In Summer we have a gorgeous view of the leaves in our backyard and it totally blocks all neighbor homes so it's very private and beautiful! Right now, in winter, it's not as nice. :) Just found your blog and I love it - I'll be back!

  6. oh dear! Unfortunately not this! The small street and the balcony of the opposite building, that's more like it!

  7. Oh how wonderful it would be to wake up to those views.....


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