Filling up

Saturday, November 19, 2011

So glad this weekend is around, my inspiration tank needs fuel and I think I know the best way to fill it up; relaxing brain shutdown while sitting next to the fireplace, knitting, watching a movie, chitchatting or just listening to the crackling sound of the burning logs. Off I go then..

All images via Life on Sundays.
5 comments on "Filling up"
  1. Where can I get those lights?

  2. Sitting by the fire on the weekends is my favorite pastime too! Love that dining table, would love to get one just like that in my house.

    xo mary jo

  3. I like like like this post!

    I hope you relaxed well this weekend and I hope you're having a good start of the week ;-)

  4. My dear Eleni, I just want to express how much i love this blog!!
    You are doing great job, being inspiration to many designers around the world.

  5. These lights are from PigeonToeCeramics on etsy.