Sunday in bed

Sunday, October 23, 2011

When staying at home with a cold, it'd better be with good company and a few easy time-spenders (books, magazines and a laptop, although I'll try to catch up with my knitting if I can) to get your mind off the bothering cough and headache. And some clean, soft linens and a large, open window to bring in fresh, invigorating air (and a magnificent view to encourage).
Hope your Sunday gets on better than mine! xoxo

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3 comments on "Sunday in bed"
  1. Αγαπητη Ελενη να μου επιτρεψεις να σου πω οτι δεν βρισκω καθολου αναπαυτικο το κρεββατι της 2ης φωτογραφιας !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. I like your idea about surrounding yourself with soft, comfy linens, a great view, magazines and a beverage of your choice (warm) of course to ease your sniffles.


  3. Yes, at less the bed is comfortable and the view fabulous. Beautiful images.