Rain watchers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Staying in bed and listening to the pouring rain-  an impossibility during Tuesdays =(
I wouldn't mind having extra large windows at this time of year (during summer the Cretan sun would just evaporate me) and be in touch with the abrupt change of the weather while catching up with the everyday dos. Oh, and a burning fireplace for those chilly moments..

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5 comments on "Rain watchers"
  1. that living room looks so good!

    I fell for that zen-like room a long time ago, absolutely love it even though my idea of a bed is not a mattress on the floor. But the windows and that garden ... sigh!

  2. Gorgeous views from those rooms. I would love to have windows like those!


  3. love these rooms! i cant remember when i stayed for the last time in bed at a rainy day..


  4. Eleni I always wish to stay in bed awhile on rainy days (or stay home in fact)

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    Art by Karena