Monday, October 17, 2011

Industrial rustic in the kitchen

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? It's been raining like crazy for the past hours and the perfect way to start a gloomy Monday is inspiration, inspiration and daydreaming (and a strong coffee..) Although, I've so many things lined up for today I can't stop myself browsing through my bookmarks and folders and searching for inviting, warm spaces with a twist, like the ones above. I love the industrial, inox tubes, the concrete countertop and the stucco softness on the walls combined with old-style, rustic cabinetry, rattan storage and open shelving, waxed, velvet wooden floors and that amazing vintage column that is most certainly stealing the show! 

Image credits:
1.Polly Eltes (via homelife), 2.Myrica Bergovist


  1. Love that kitchen but I'd probably go nuts with the cooker next to the wall ... I need my space ;-)

    Perfect images on a gloomy Monday!

  2. Hello, I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I love your blog! Thank you for being a bright spot in my day.

  3. The second image makes me want to start cooking immediately in that wonderful space!


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