Friday, October 14, 2011

Cozy corners

Mix and match, color combos and an everyday living to get you inspired..
Being overloaded by work (and happy to be so- such harsh days..) I actually found some moments to redesign my header. I wanted to opt for something lighter and simpler. What do you think?

Image credits:
1.Hans Blomquist, 2.Ashe+Leandro, 3.Teri Lyn Fisher


  1. lovely cozy corners, but i keep looking at that blue plate...
    καλο σαββατοκυριακο Ελενη : )

  2. Τόσο όμορφα... όπου βλέπω λευκό και ξανθό ξύλο... περνάω κι εγώ την "άσπρη" φάση μου!

  3. Η δεύτερη φωτο μαρέσει πολυυυύ

    Καλό σ/κ Ελένη!

  4. Beautiful shelves filled with gorgeous accessories. I love you new header. It looks great!


  5. What a great room the first one is, looks Scandinavian!

  6. We love your blog. We always see your posts on Pinterest! We are following you now!

  7. That first photo! I love everything in it, everything!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.


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